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10/2/17 Fixed some typos. Added 4 demos.


  • Deleted all of the embedded music
  • Added a bunch of demo recordings
  • added a pic to the You Gallery

8/24/17 Corrected busted Paypal links

8/22/17 Added a video page, some new pics

8/21/17 Launched new www.bigdumbhick.com


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    That's me, Jeff Wall. I'm the Bigdumbhick. I'm am acoustic singer/songwriter/storyteller living in Winston-Salem, NC.

    "Why Bigdumbhick?"

    Because if you do a Google search on Jeff Wall, odds are you will find a Canadian. Either the esteemed photographer Jeff Wall, or the equally esteemed British Columbia based Singer/Songwriter Jeff Wall. Not the bigass hillbilly Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller Jeff Wall from North Carolina. But if you do a search for Bigdumbhick, you will probably find me here.

    "But why Bigdumbhick?"

    I'm big. My wife says I'm stupid. My kids think I'm a hick. I'm 6'7" and somewhere around 340lbs. I take up a lot of space. I have a Southern accent. When you are this big, and you have a Southern Accent, people automatically assume that you must be stupid, so I decided to have fun with that.

    "What kind of music do you play?"

    I'm a bigass hillbilly, so I guess I would say that I play bigass hillbilly music.

    Primarily I am a solo acoustic performer doing my own original tunes along with the occasional cover. My song list of covers runs the gamut from Classic Country, to Folk, Bluegrass, Punk, and some older Classic Rock songs.  But regardless of whether it is a song by Warren Zevon, AC/DC, Iggy Pop, Johnny Cash, or Bill Monroe, it's probably not going to sound just like the record. It's gonna have a personal stamp on it.

    Covers is not my primary thing. I'm happy to play a family friendly set of covers, just so long as you are happy to pay me to play those covers, but my preference is playing my own compositions to a mature audience. That means fully grown.

    I've built this website to be a place to direct people to, where they can find out more about me and my music, as well as when and where I will be playing. In addition, you can look at some pretty pictures, and then hopefully BUY SOME STUFF.

    Spend some time looking around. There is a page of rough demos you can listen to. You can download all of my CDs for FREE.  You can buy physical copies of the CD, as well as T-shirts and bumper stickers.

    So come on in and visit for awhile.

    Jeff Wall


    My Official BIO:

    What is a bigdumbhick?


    Jeff Wall is the Bigdumbhick. He is a solo acoustic musician, performing mostly original music. At 6’7” and somewhere around 340lb, the “Big” part is easy to understand. The “Dumb” part is easy too. He just looks dumb. Big and dumb, like Lennie Small with a guitar in his hands… but he knows who Lennie Small is and you’re probably going to have to look it up (John Steinbeck “Of Mice and Men”), so maybe he’s not as dumb as he looks.

    As for the "Hick" part. He's originally from Middle Tennessee. He left at age 18 and spent the next 20 years in the US Navy, where he specialized in sitting on his ass, smoking cigarettes, and occasionally getting to blow stuff up. He's lived all over the country, he's traveled the world, and has met, broken bread with, and played music with people from just about every possible compass point of the political, religious, and social spectrum.  He’s done a lot of reading and he's asked a lot of dumbass questions, and as a result, he is not really as “Hick” as he’d like you to think that he is.

    In his mid-50s, after having played Bluegrass and Honky-Tonk covers for decades, he took a good, hard look at the current state of the music industry and decided that this would be an optimum time for him to embark upon a career as a Singer-Songwriter... because everyone knows the world is just sitting on the edge of its seat, money in hand, desperately waiting to hear the cynical meanderings of yet another old, fat, hairy, depressed white guy, who can’t get laid any more.   

    Ok, maybe the “Dumb” part is true.

    He’s turned out to be quite a gifted songwriter. His songs have a groove. He has a generally twisted, humorous outlook on life that often comes out in his music, but he has a dark and unsettling side too. One minute he will have you laughing your ass off, with tears rolling down your face, and then suddenly he will turn around and kick you right in the feels.

    He sings of the types of things people of his age group can relate to, such the “Erectile Dysfunction Blues”, or a declining interest in sex “Battery Operated Boyfriend”, and the struggles of a long term relationships "Hurry Up and Die”. He also sings of much darker things such as Depression and Mental Illness – "Drinking Whiskey”, Addiction - “One is Too Many”, as well as Lonliness and Suicide “Out Here on the Ledge”.  He proclaims himself to be a “Semi-Atheistic, Snake-Handling, Pentecostal Buddhist” who writes profane Gospel songs, but those Gospel songs, such as “Love Everybody and Don’t Be a Dick”, are more in line with the actual teachings of the Christ than most of the preachers you hear yelling at you on the television.

    He’s funny, He’s also honest and raw. What you see is what you get. There's no pretense, no posturing, no bullshit. Well, maybe a little bullshit, but he’s real; Real big, real loud, and real different. He is what he is and he ain’t ashamed of it. He’s a powerful performer and is well worth checking out if he should show up in your area.

    You can listen to his music FOR FREE at his website – http://www.bigdumbhick.com . His music is also available through Amazon, Apple, Spotify and all of the usual streaming/download sites.

    Jeff Wall
    (226) 926-0315



    Mostly rough Demo's for your listening pleasure. You can listen to them from here, or you can download them. Whatever works best for you. I will go through these and update them soon and add dates to them so that you can tell when something new has been added,

    Various Cover Tunes, performed live.



    White Train by Peter Holsapple of the DB's.

    Peter is a pal, and I wanted to learn one of his songs. He told me he liked it. That's pretty high praise.

    2015 - Demo - "You're Making My Head Hurt".  I don't play it live very often. When I wrote it, I loved it as it was one of the first songs I had ever written. Now I'm not as sure about it.

    Look at that hair! How dark, and thick it is... and how much skinnier I am then than now. The Depression/Bipolar/Anxiety had yet to show up, kick my ass, and run off with my lunch money.  Getting older sucks. Not getting older sucks more. in this clip I tell a story about wrecking my truck then I play one of my favorite songs.

    At The Kraken Roadhouse, Hwy 54 Chapel Hill (White Cross), NC. One of my favorite places to play. I absolutely love this joint. This is from one of my first ever solo shows there, Here I am performing a classic Tom T Hall song that I learned off of a Bobby Bare record.

    Steve Wishnevsky hosted this event he called The Shuffle. You show up at the venue, you pay $5 to get in. If you want, you can perform an original song, poem, dance or whatever. Three people are selected at random out of the audience and are asked to be anonymous judges. You do your thing, the judges score it. The top 50% go on to round 2. For the second round you do another original performance. That gets scored and then top two go to the 3rd and final round. I showed up to watch, and when I wan't paying attention, someone stuck a guitar in my hand and next thing I know, I'm on stage.

    This is a song I wrote called Viagra Prescription - It's a parody of Hank Jr's Family Tradition. Standup Comics traditionally have a sackful of dick jokes. I have a sackful of dick songs.