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My Newest Release, Heartbroke and Lonesome is finally here. I know you are asking yourself, “Self, Where can I find a copy of this wonderful recording?”
Well if you want a physical copy you should come see me at a show, otherwise you are going to have TO SEND ME AN EMAIL AND TELL ME YOU WANT ONE and at that point we can discuss how to get it to you (around $15 includes Shipping & Handling).

If you want to stream it, or download a Digital Copy, It’s available at these locations:

Apple Music
Google Play
I Heart Radio

She ain’t skeered

She ain’t skeered

IT’S THE bigdumbhick!!

Exceptionally large,
Exceptionally irreverent,
Exceptionally Entertaining

Jeff Wall is the Bigdumbhick, a 6’7”, 350+lb, cigar smoking, bib-overall wearing, occasionaly profane, solo acoustic singer/songwriter/storyteller from the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina. Originally from Middle Tennessee, he spent 20 years in the Navy, where he taught himself to play guitar when he wasn’t busy sitting on his ass, smoking cigarettes, and occasionally being allowed to blow something up. (He’s the Chuck Norris of sitting on his ass) He’s had his heart broken, he’s run into trouble with the authorities, He’s battled his share of demons. He’s traveled the world, and he’s broken bread and played music with people from just about every imaginable point of the political, religious, and social spectrum. ”Big”, yes, but he’s not nearly as “Dumb” or as “Hick” as he might portray himself to be.

Describing his music can be a challenge. There is a lot of Bluegrass, a good bit of Country Blues, and even occasionally some Reggae here and there. His originals are often hilarious, occasionally heart-breaking, his covers are unique enough to often be thought of as originals. As someone recently remarked: "The only way I know to describe him FUN! He is FUN!” That's as good a description as any. He has also been referred to as "an older, sardonic, hillbilly, Todd Snider", "a cross between Jimmy Martin and JJ Cale", and even "Lennie Small with a guitar in his hands". He doesn’t sound like any of those guys though, nit even Lennie, At least nit very often.

What he is, is one very unique and talented performer, one who is darkly hilarious, who uses irony and laughter as a candy coating to help make that dark and bitter pill of the human existence just a little bit easier to swallow. One moment he might have an audience crying with laughter, and then completely out of the blue he might hit them with something extremely raw and personal, and you will again see eyes filling with tears - this time for a completely different reason. Yes, He's funny, but he’s a lot more than just a comedy or novelty act, he’s a seriously talented musician, with a groove so strong you could break a hip to it.

What you see is what you get. This is not an adapted persona. There's no pretense, no posturing, no bullshit. Well, maybe a little bullshit, but he’s real. He is what he is and he ain’t ashamed of it.

“Jeff Wall is big, hairy, occasionally profane, and about the most fun performer you'll ever see. What might surprise you is the amount of heart and honesty there is in his music. His material is funny, irreverent and sometimes startlingly moving”. Dan Ray - Greensboro NC
”As a true believer in great music, I have seen him render an entire novel with only a worn-out guitar and a shaky voice. He's the real deal.” Joseph North - Durham NC
”I loved his stuff. I laughed my butt off and occasionally was mortified ...he crosses lines and doesn’t care one bit. That’s why he’s so friggin’ authentic.” Peter Farrell - Songwriter/Performer- Philadelphia PA
”If you get a chance to see Jeff, don’t miss it. Early songs brought nervous laughter, but by the end of the show there were belly laughs and a sing along. His lyrics are clever and his stories are unique... and true. Authenticity is hard to find these days, but I found it yesterday and it was wearing bib overalls.” Terri Latham - Atlanta GA
”Ok, he’s somewhat big, but don’t be fooled — his music is smart, engaging, and on point. He treats his gigs professionally, and other artists with kindness and a generous spirit. Book him, gig with him, go see his shows. Good stuff.” Kim Lane - Poet, Songwriter, Performer - Durham NC
”That boy just ain’t right” - Numerous Family members

For fans of John Prine, Todd Snider, Louden Wainwright III, Robert Earl Keen, and Jerry Jeff Walker


Performance Schedule


“How Can I book you?”

(336) 926-0315

"What do you sound like? What kind of music do you play?"

What kind of music do I play? Good Music, Acoustic Music, Mostly Original Music. Occasionally unique twists on cover songs. Insensitive Folk Music. Irreverent Gospel Music. Humor with a groove. I have tested positive for the Bluegrass as well as Americana, Blues, Country, Country-Blues, and Honky-Tonk. Basically all the different roots music stylings.

“Are your shows FAMILY FRIENDLY?“

Yes. No. It Depends.

Whose family are we talking about?

I was in the Navy for 20 years (1980-2000). Like most Veterans, I have a dark, warped, sense of humor. I know all of those bad words and then some and I am skilled in their usage. I could probably make a carnival worker blush if I were to set my mind to it. However, you should be aware that I can play a Baptist/Family Friendly show. I do it all the time. it is not my desire to intentionally offend anyone, or to make anyone feel uncomfortable. I want everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, regardless of age, sex, gender, skin color, national origin, politics, or religion, to feel welcome at my shows.

You should however probably be aware that many of my songs contain adult themes and subject matter such as death, addiction, suicide, screwing up, marriage, love, erectile dysfunction, the joys of getting old, and even shark attack. These may be topics which you may be not quite ready to discuss with your children yet. But then again, your kids are gonna learn about this shit someday, and if you are worried about the language they might hear, why are you bringing the little shits into a bar in the first place?

I’m pretty good at reading an audience and I am intelligent enough to usually know what is appropriate and what isn’t. I keep an eye out for the presence of children. but as you can tell from watching some of the videos, I have been known to drop the occasional curse word. I might occasionally be profane, but never vulgar. I have a couple of Presbyterian Ministers who are fans (and friends). I usually do a good job of keeping my mouth in check. I won’t be singing “Erectile Dysfunction Blues” or “You Can’t Trust a Fart” at your Church Service, and yes, I’m willing to play at your Church Service. In fact, my song “New Wayfaring Strangers” was used as the basis for a Sunday Sermon once.

Will you play at my…?

Yes, I will play at your Bar, in your Restaurant, in your Back Yard, in your Living Room, in your Bedroom, in your Kitchen, in your Den, in your Den of Inequity, at your Clothing Optional Fried Chicken Restaurant, at your Frat Party, at your Pool Party, at your Chicken Stew or Pig Pickin’, at your child’s birthday party, at your Mama’s birthday party, at Baby Jesus’s birthday party, your Birthday party while everyone is wearing their birthday suit, at your Gay Pride party, at your Leather/Bear party, at your Engagement party, at your Wedding, at your Divorce, at your Baby Shower, at your Vasectomy Celebration, at your Tea Party, at your Church Social, even at your Funeral.

I won’t however play for assholes. If you, your group, club, organization, etc practices/preaches intolerance of any kind, you are going to need to find someone else. None of my pillowcases have eyeholes.

Yes. I will play most anywhere you want just as long as you are willing to pay me to do so... and you aren’t a complete and total dick. Partial dicks are determined on a case by case basis.


How much you got?

My Standard rates are:

2 hr $150
3 hr $200

This is for local and semi-local gigs within 100 miles or so of Winston-Salem, NC. This includes Me, and a sound system adequate to cover a small to medium size venue. If you need a Duo, add a $100 to those rates.

If there is significant travel, weirdness, or I have to deal with some pain in the ass requirement such as having to sleep in a tent, No songs in the key of Bb, I have to perform naked while wearing only cowboy boots, a cape, and a Nixon mask, I’m charging you more. If I have to let your drunkass sister-in-law who thinks she can sing when she can’t, sit in and play Wagon WHeel on a Kazoo it’s gonna cost you a lot more.

“We don’t have a budget for live music…” “WILL YOU PLAY FOR EXPOSURE?…”
”Will you PLAY for tips?…”
”Will you play for the door?…”

Here’s the deal. I have expenses. I have to pay for gas, maintenance on my vehicle, strings, picks, tuners, and cables. I have to pay for guitars and guitar maintenance. I have to set time aside to write these songs and rehearse/practice. I spend a LOT of time booking, watching eBay, PornHub, etc.

I prefer a minimal guarantee.

Do you sell beer for tips? Do you accept tips to pay for a four course dinner? Will Duke Power accept “exposure” as payment for electricity? This is my business and I try to run it as such, just like you do your business. That being said, I am a dumbass who will often play most anywhere once. Shoot me an email, we’ll talk.

“We are interested in you playing for us, but we require all performers to audition via our open mic... If we like you, we will book you.”

Sure, I’m good with that, but first how about you drive to my house and bring me a couple of burgers, some banana pudding, and a couple of cold beverages? If I like it, I might pay you for it next time, and it might even lead to possible future business.

I’ve actually been told this Open Mike Audition thing numerous timesNo. Not just no, but Hell No. There is enough video and audio on this website, and on YouTube, and elsewhere, for you to be able to get some idea of what to expect. You can look at the calendar and call the other venues that I regularly play and ask them what to expect.



Sign up for my mailing list and once a month or so I will drop an email on you letting you know where I am playing.

Name *

Live Tracks

by Jeff Wall (Bigdumbhick)

These are some live tracks from some of my shows. It might give you somewhat of an idea what to expect at one of my shows.

If you click on the song title, it should also show you the lyrics.


Aug 31, 2019 - A Reggae/Bluegrass version of Elvin Bishop’s classic “Fooled Around and Fell in Love:

June 9, 2019 Video courtesy of WHUP Pass the Hat

Audience shot video - Live from the Roadmaster Stage, Black Mountain, NC Aug 17, 2019

a short set (4 songs) from the LevenEleven Brewing fundraiser 11/11/18
1. 90 Miles an Hour
2. Battery Operated Boyfriend
3. New Wayfaring Strangers
4. Love Everybody (Don't be a Dick)


a song about the dangers of skinny dipping


Where's my wallet, where's my keys?


At High Rock Outfitters, Lexington NC opening for the great David Childers.

video by Frank Bell

1. Move Back to the Country
2. 90 Miles an Hour
3. Erectile Dysfunction
4. The Silent Treatment
5. Staring out the Window
6. New Wayfaring Strangers
7. Love Everybody (and Don't be a Dick)


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SALE $15 + $5 S&H = TOTAL $20) Sizes S-3XL

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SALE $15 + $5 S&H = TOTAL $20) Sizes S-2XL

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Bumpersticker $2.50ea Shipping included

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!2” x 18” heavy card stock poster designed by Wes Freed. Signed by the artist. Shipped in a tube

!2” x 18” heavy card stock poster designed by Wes Freed. Signed by the artist. Shipped in a tube

$15 + $5 S&H = Total $20. Shipped in a tube.






(336) 926-0315

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