That's me, Jeff Wall. I'm the Bigdumbhick. I'm am acoustic singer/songwriter/storyteller living in Winston-Salem, NC.

"But why Bigdumbhick?"

Because if you do a Google search on Jeff Wall, odds are you will find a Canadian. Either the esteemed photographer Jeff Wall, or the equally esteemed British Columbia based Singer/Songwriter Jeff Wall. Not the bigass, hillbilly, Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller Jeff Wall from North Carolina. But if you do a search for Bigdumbhick, you will find me here, because there is only one Bigdumbhick.

"Ok, But why Bigdumbhick?"

I'm big. My wife says I'm dumb, My kids think I'm a hick. I'm 6'7" and somewhere around 340lbs. I take up a lot of space. I have a Southern accent. When you are this big, and you talk like this, and look like this, people automatically make assumptions, so I decided to have fun with that.

"What kind of music do you play?"

I'm a bigass hillbilly, so I guess you could say that I play bigass hillbilly music. I am primarily a solo acoustic performer playing my own original tunes as well as the occasional cover. I can sometimes be seen and heard accompanied by some phenomenal bass player, or some other equally amazing stunt picker, but most of the time it is just me. My background is in Bluegrass and Classic Country, so when I play covers - Country, Folk, Bluegrass, Punk, Rock, and even Reggae tunes, they are going to have a Bluegrass/Country tinge to them, if not a complete reworking into a Hillbilly tune.

Jeff Wall


Official BIO:

What is a bigdumbhick?


Jeff Wall is the Bigdumbhick, an acoustic singer/songwriter/storyteller from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At 6’7” and around 340lbs, it is easy to understand the “Big” part. The “Dumb” part is easy too. He just looks dumb. Big and dumb, like Lennie Small with a guitar in his hands…  but he knows who Lennie Small is and you’re probably going to have to look it up, so maybe he’s not as dumb as he looks.

Originally from Middle Tennessee, He left at 18 to go into the Navy, where he would spend the next 20 years sitting on his ass, reading, smoking cigarettes, and occasionally being allowed to blow stuff up. He's lived all over the US, traveled the world, and has met, broken bread, and played music with people from all different points of the political, religious, and social spectrum.  He’s not nearly as “Hick” as he portrays himself to be.

Having played covers for years, in his mid-50s he decided that d
ue to current strength of the music business, that this would be the perfect time to embark upon a career as a Singer/Songwriter, what with there being such an overwhelming demand for old, fat, gray-haired, grumpy, hillbilly singer-songwriters… Ok, maybe he’s earned the “Dumb” part honestly.

He’s actually turned out to be a pretty good songwriter.  His music has a definite groove, and his songs often contain some element of humor. One moment he will have you laughing your butt off, with tears rolling down your face, with songs like “You Can’t Trust a Fart”, “Erectile Dysfunction Blues”, and “Battery Operated Boyfriend” (all songs are mostly PG), and then he will turn around and kick you right in the feels with a song about being mentally ill and homeless, addiction, or contemplating suicide.

What you see is what you get. There's no pretense, no posturing, no bullshit. Well, maybe a little bullshit, but he’s real.  He is what he is and he ain’t ashamed of it. He’s a powerful entertaining performer and is well worth checking out.
He can also be found online at https://www.youtube/bigdumbhick or  http://www.facebook.com/bigdumbhick

"Jeff Wall is a one of a kind. His show combines a deceptively simple homespun delivery, with humor hilarious and dark. Think a more profane Roger Miller/Kinky Friedman, in the physically imposing body of an older, white, hillbilly, Lawrence Taylor. This is one act you won't want to miss." – Glenn Jones

If you like Todd Snider, Loudon Wainwright III, John Prine, Robert Earl Keen, or Bozo the Clown, you just might like you some Bigdumbhick.

Jeff Wall
(226) 926-0315



My New Years Resolution (which I made in November of 2017) was to post at LEAST one song a week to my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/bigdumbhick

This is Episode 001, a cover of the great Tom T. Hall's "That's How I Got To Memphis"

This is a great song that has been recorded by numerous people. My favorite renditions include those by Bobby Bare, The V-Roys, Solomon Burke & Friends, Buddy Miller, Otis Williams, Kelly Willis, Avett Brothers, and Johnny & Rosanne Cash. Go spend some time on YouTube checking them out

An original song written by myself called "If Mama Ain't Happy", The 2nd in my Song a Week series.

A cover of the great Muddy Waters classic "I Live the Life I Love" (penned by Willie Dixon), the 3rd in my Song a Week series

An Original Song, written by me "40 Days & 40 nights - aka Noah's Blues" 4th in the Song a Week series

Another Willie Dixon penned classic, "Seventh Son" made famous by Johnny Rivers 5th in the Song a Week series

I had put together a songwriter showcase at a club called Puckett's in Charlotte, NC. On that day we got hit with our first snow, It seemed to skip Charlotte, but 100 miles north, we got slammed. One of the scheduled performers had to cancel. That left Jem Crossland, myself, and Kyle Petty. Yes, that Kyle Petty - The Race Car Driver, who I discovered is a much better songwriter than he is a Race Car Driver. I was coming down with some bug that would knock me down for the remainder of the weekend, still, it came off alright. I had fun, the other guys had fun, we drew a good crowd and they seemed to enjoy themselves, the club owner sold a lot of beer, and every body was happy... Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

DEMOS & Worktapes

I write a song, come up with some kind of melody, and then will record it into my phone or a handheld recorder so that I don't forget it all 3 minutes later. I have the memory of a goldfish, just not the charming personality. I had these little worktapes scattered around on a multitude of devices and platforms and decided to throw them all up here so I won't lose them, and also so that I can have access to them from most anywhere. These are all rough recordings that you are welcome to listen to or download.

If you go to the Merch Page, you can download finished songs.

Be aware that many of these songs have changed significantly since these demos were recorded.